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Directions: East side of Nishi Honganji Temple

From Kyoto Station: Take a city bus (9, 28, 75) for 3 minutes.

Get off at the Nishi Honganji-mae bus stop, cross Horikawa-street, go north for 30m from the Lawson in front of you, cross Hanayacho-street, and it's the 3rd building on the left.

It is next to Takeda Buddhist Alter Equiepmentt Co., Ltd.

By taxi: From Hanayacho-street, go north on the first street east of Horikawa-street (one street west of Aburanokoji-street). It is the 3rd building on the left.

35-5 Sumiyoshi-cho, Nishinakasuji Rokujo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Phone: 075-585-4129

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